Lockdown easing: a tentative return to the gym

Lockdown is easing in the UK and more venues are opening up to welcome back customers, like restaurants, cinemas and gyms. Personally I’m over the moon, but equally tentative.

My hometown has seen an increase in the Indian variant so there is enhanced testing, and a Coronavirus vaccination mobile unit giving out jabs to over 40s in the town centre.

Is it safe to use the gym?

The conditions in the gym are good as far as I’m concerned. People are more respectful of personal space, which was sometimes a problem, when gyms were crowded before Coronavirus. I like my personal space when I workout.

Everyone seems more mindful of keeping the equipment clean too; more mindful than before. With the booking system my gym has introduced, it should help avoid any overcrowding. Personally, I’m quite happy so far with the new arrangements and measures my gym has taken, and I do feel safe.

Having said that, there is a studio room adjacent to the gym with hardly anyone in there. That’s where you’ll find me, cleaning everything I use to within an inch of it’s life, and keeping my distance – just in case. I could be a carrier with no symptoms, for example.

Yoga video

It felt really good to have some space to practice my yoga workout, instead of indoors at home, like in lockdown conditions. Here’s a short video.

A yoga video

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