Here’s to post lockdown hairdos!

Artists impression

Things are opening up in my hometown so I treated myself to a hair cut and threading. Here’s an artists impression of before and after. Cameras should not be allowed in our hair salons, like our courtrooms, to protect the innocence of whoever needs a haircut.

The threading was painful but it was worth it because now my eyebrows are even instead of the Roger Moore I had going on after plucking them myself.

On a serious note, having my haircut and sitting in front of a mirror while it’s done makes me uncomfortable, so the one I went to today did a dry cut, and I was in and out within half an hour- bliss for anyone with anxiety. I can’t believe I used to spend hours having highlights, although didn’t we all in the 90s? A dry haircut is also cheaper, useful following a tight few months.

Here’s to everyone’s post pandemic hairdos! I hope they turn out better than you expected.

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