Copywriter: What is a great omnichannel experience as a customer?

Does your product meet the hype?

What is an omnichannel experience?

This is supposed to be a seamless experience between any touch points you have with a company or brand. By touch points, it may be a billboard, a radio advertisement, a visit to a bricks and mortar store, a phone call to customer services or a tweet.

Across all of these touch points, or places you interact with a brand, your experience should be pain-free and consistent across all channels. A bad experience at any point in your customer journey could result in you dropping out of the sales funnel.

Consequences of a bad omnichannel experience

So you may decide not to make a purchase, or you may decide after you have made a purchase that you don’t want to make another one, or you may even complain on social media. Given word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, companies are keen to give you a great experience with a brand from start to finish of your purchase, in the hope of turning you into a repeat customer. 

Examples of good omnichannel experiences

This specialist marketing site goes into more of the theory of omnichannel experiences, but you can skip through that if you wish, to reach the examples of great omnichannel experiences such as Disney and TopShop.

In essence, you are looking for companies that provide a seamless experience across: 

  • Websites and online content that works across mobile, tablet and laptop technology
  • Responsive online content
  • A variety of online content e.g, LEGO is practically a multimedia company these days that happens to sell plastic building blocks. Such is the level of great content offered on their site including online gamification, avatars and even a multiplex cinematic experience. Or as people outside of marketing say, a film. 
  • Excellent standards of customer service that is also on message and even tracking the source of the original touch point- i.e. “where did you hear about us?”

What makes a great omnichannel experience in my experience?

Here is an example from my own experiences.

I wanted to buy a book, so I chose an author I’ve seen on Twitter, and who I’ve read about in the press online. This author is a comedian, and well known public figure. Therefore, they have social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and it’s possible to interact with their content, and even the comedian himself, on these platforms.

Having checked the reviews on Google, Audible and in the press, and from the content I had seen them produce on social media, I decided to buy their book.

Their social media links to their website with links to more online content and where to buy the book, and other content. I bought the book this way, from their recommended retailer, although second hand options were available on Amazon, but I personally believe the money should go directly to the author.

I read the book, enjoyed it, and so I wrote a review on my blog. I tweeted my positive review and @theauthor, who then responded by saying thank you and sharing my review with their followers and publisher. 

Overall my experience was very good, and I have already made another purchase. Overall, I’d say this is a good omnichannel experience, because at each point I interacted with the brand, ie the author’s public persona, I had a positive experience.

An author who appreciated my good review of his book

How can marketers provide a good omnichannel channel experience?

In the corporate world, key departments need to work cross departmently to ensure everyone is on message for a campaign:

  • Customer Service
  • Communications PR and Internal Comms
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Bricks and Mortar outlets

Internal Comms can brief everyone on a campaign and in my experience, you need buy in from all departments for the big vision of the campaign, so they can sell it with passion and hopefully, some love.

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