Mental health awareness week: what’s in your mental health toolkit?

What’s in your mental health toolkit?

I’m not sure what good a hashtag can do, but still #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek is something those of us who have been through the proverbial mill of counselling, are well aware of and open to discuss.

Mental health toolkit

Over the years I have developed what mental health professionals call a toolkit. This is a set of actions, people or things that can help you when your mental health takes a nosedive.

Here are some of mine:

– vegetarian diet

– avoid alcohol

– no cigarettes or drugs

– exercise : yoga, swimming and walking outdoors are my favourites

– laughter, comedy shows, standup, podcasts, and funny films

– reading, audiobooks and podcasts, losing myself in a narrative

– art exhibitions

– videos of cute animals , a colleague used to have a kitten cam with a live stream from a pen full of kittens, for example

– changing my career from office based 9-5 to freelance writer

– accept emotions, if you need to cry, find somewhere you feel safe to do so and let it out

– my elder sister for girly chats

– my longest- serving friend who lives in Australia for more girly chats

– clean the house and do laundry to feel fresh

– my Achilles heel is sweets

– writing is my favourite pastime

– social media is a good source of entertainment

Yoga video

Here is me doing some yoga today, practicing Warrior 3 transitioning into Dancer.

Or as Dad calls it, Superman.

Warrior 3 into Dancer pose, looks a bit like Superman apparently

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