Copywriter: Fancy a brew for Christian Aid Week?

A tea gatherer

Something terrible has happened. The climate of our planet is unpredictable, extreme weather is affecting farmers’ yields in Kenya, India, China and Sri Lanka. The climate impact we’ve had on our planet is so severe, that it’s estimated that a quarter of Kenya’s prime tea-growing areas are likely to be lost by 2050, and I intend to still be alive by then! What are we going to do!

Right, I’ll pop the kettle on

Christian Aid is warning that the tea yields and even the taste of Britain’s favourite tipple is going to be severely hampered by climate change unless we collectively pull our fingers out and do something about it, reports Sky News.

Now, I love pandas, I love rainforests and clean air in my lungs, I even love cats AND dogs, but tea? You want to mess with tea? Given I am sober and British and have limited means to cope with a crisis, if you threaten to mess with my tea, then you and me need to have words.

Think of the Kenyans

Kenya produces half of the tea consumed in the UK. The effect of flooding and more rain will affect the taste and health benefits of tea, not to mention the yields and profits of those farmers. 

It’s too much for me to take, so join me and others at Christian Aid and say a prayer when you have your next cup of tea, for those tea producers in Kenya, God love ‘em.

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