I had been struggling for a while with whether it’s right to practice yoga if you’re Christian.

I’m exploring Christianity and have recently begun attending Sunday church services. I get a lot out of it especially after a health scare last year.

Today I had a chat with a chaplain who reassured me Yoga is fine as a Christian as long as I’m not worshipping multiple deities, which is what the origin of Yoga did. I’ve been reading about the origins of Yoga in Yoga Student Handbook by Sian O’Neill and it’s fascinating. The whole philosophy is about connecting with the divine, what could be better?

I’ve republished some of my yoga posts today because I truly love practicing yoga and it’s a huge relief that I can practice it with a clear conscience. Please forgive my heightened and unnecessary anxiety over this issue, but it was important to me.

Here is me practicing yoga on Easter weekend.

Yoga is good for body, mind and spirit

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