Day 7/7: Yoga Challenge

I made it to the end of my personal challenge to try a new yoga routine each day for 7 days, with a short break yesterday to consolidate my learning by practising the new postures.

Today’s class was a Dynamic flow, so a little more challenging than a usual class, though not as challenging as HIIT yoga, which I haven’t tried yet- building up to it!

Here is today’s flow;

Sun salutation

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that today is Easter Sunday, so I dedicated my practice today to Easter Sunday and what that means to CofE like me.

I wanted to see the sunrise this Easter and took this photo at 6.30am

Sunrise on Easter Sunday

Strictly speaking, Yoga is a Hindu or Buddhist practice and I am CofE by birth. Well, people of all faiths and none are welcome around my house at Easter, and you don’t even need to buy me an Easter egg.

I’d like a world where people of different faiths find common ground, and the atheists and agnostics too. We have more in common that you realise, because we all believe in treating others as you’d want to be treated. When you don’t, karma. Believe me I know what I’m talking about here.

Sunrise on Easter Sunday

So a 7 day challenge to try a new class each day, what have I learnt? On tired days do a gentle flow more mat based postures, and on an energetic day, try a Dynamic flow or HIIT. Everyone needs quiet days to recover from exercise.

One other thing is to listen to your body, it’ll tell you when it’s had enough. I didn’t quite finish the class today, and perhaps my 7 day challenge was ambitious for my ability, but I’m ok with being a learner again. Aren’t we all in this thing called life?

Happy Easter.

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