Day 6/7: Yoga Challenge

It’s like a trace of an experience left on your psyche, and can be positive or negative. You know how bad memories tend to scar you? That’s how I remember this word, Samskara.

In The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, he describes Samskaras, which in Yoga parlance, mean impressions or memories on your heart.

Awareness of Samskanas

Today I’m on day 6 of my personal challenge to try a new yoga routine each day for one week.

I chose a Dynamic flow class and it begins with a two new postures. It starts with the familiar Chair posture, transitioning onto one leg, the “Flamingo posture” then into “Warrior 3”.

From this posture you can transition into a flow that includes “Warrior 1” posture, and “side plank” which is a bit like a “side dish” only better for your abs.

Here is a new flow.

Chair to Flamingo, to Warrior 3, into lunge, Cat and Cow, Side Plank, Downward Dog and Cobra, but not necessarily in that order.

I set my intention for today’s yoga as a “letting go of Samskanas”, which is how Michael Singer describes overcoming the circular nature of holding onto old hurts. What goes around and around? Ruminating on old pain, so let it go.

Funnily enough, in the spirit of “letting go” some “yoga wind” was “liberated” and maybe some giggles too. Sometimes you’ve just got to flamin’ let it go, you know what I mean?


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