Day 4/7 and 5/7: Yoga Challenge

So I’ve kept up the challenge with a new yoga routine each day…. well nearly.

Last night I wanted to feel strong so I did my usual Warrior posture flows because it’s one of my more confident flows in yoga. Here it is, a hot day yesterday so please excuse the lack of T-shirt.

Day 4 of yoga challenge

Ladies who lunge

Today is day 4 of my yoga challenge, and what I’ve found in the classes are some new lunges and ways of transitioning from one posture to another, hopefully making the transition look smooth and under control (wobble wobble, does a plank sideways etc).

Here is today’s afternoon sunshine that glowed while I flowed.

Day 5 of yoga challenge

I set myself the challenge because I signed up to classes and wasn’t using them, but still paying a direct debit. Do you have any subscriptions you aren’t using? My advice is use them! Otherwise you’re burning money. I will try and practice what I preach, of course *wobbles off the mat sideways*

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