Autobiographical: Lockdown slowed me down, so I looked around me

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, 1986

How often do you stop and look at the sky, or nature around you. It’s a grey overcast day today but some showers are giving the parched garden a drink, thankfully.

My local park

I hadn’t been to my local park since my nephews were toddlers, but a sunny afternoon a few weeks ago, as two bubbles were allowed to meet outdoors gave me the perfect opportunity to head to the park with my sister, nephew and their dog.

Easter weekend photography

I noticed how good it felt to be in nature and realised the park on my doorstep is quite beautiful at sunset. Here’s some photos I captured that Easter weekend.

The sunset on the horizon at my local park
A serene sunset
Cypress trees frame the sunset here

Photography and art is about capturing the moment, a feeling, some detail. It’s about making the clock stop. During lockdown, society as we know it stopped. For me it’s been a hugely creative period with blogging.

The Telegraph reported a surge in book manuscripts May 2020. So many people have time on their hands because of furlough, or being out of work, it’s a great time for creativity. The majority of the transcripts are dystopian in nature- not hard to see why!

For me, I’m more grateful now for things I took for granted, like supermarkets, coffee shops with a friendly barista, going to the theatre or cinema, hanging out with old mates, going for a swim. All these things I took for granted, including this natural beauty spot on my doorstep.

The sunset at Easter at my local park

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From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.

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