Audiobook review: Sarah Millican’s Support Group

Sarah Millican, straight talking with a side helping of daft

Looking for a laugh, I downloaded Sarah Millican’s Radio 4 series Sarah Millican’s Support Group. She talks relationships, heartbreak and how to navigate both with a sprinkling of daft and liberal amounts of Northern no-nonsense.

Opening with Fix You, Coldplay, Sarah recounts her divorce 2004, moving back in with her parents to her Dad singing “Another One Bites The Dust”, and how popular she was when she took up work with The Samaritans, the number of calls had never been so high!

Geordie on the airwaves

When I used to work in call centres, I learnt that certain accents are more favourable. According to Reuters the Geordie accent is the third most popular after RP Queen’s English and the broad-term “Scottish”. I do love a Teeside lilt in an accent, but the Edinburgh and Glaswegian accents are worlds apart, although James McAvoy, David Tennant, Ewan McGregor are very listenable…., I digress. 

Basically right, Sarah is a pleasure to listen to, unlike Brummies like me. And, she offers the kind of straight talking you need if you’re a bit wet after a break up.

Like your gran, but better

Sarah Millican advice is warm but not cuddly, she’s straight talking and won’t take any mess from her guests, who are a bit wet. She had a fall last week after misjudging the pavement because she’s slightly overweight. She would use the cross trainer but it makes you feel sick when you’ve eaten biscuits. Besides, have you tried chocolate?

She’s the kind of woman who wouldn’t leave anyone sat on their own feeling miserable, she’s more likely to cook you a roast dinner with gravy, and remind you that while Christmas pudding is nice, you only want it once a year. One of the many relationship metaphors this show excels at.

With a little help from my friends

For impartiality with her guests, she has Mariam the professional and highly non-maternal but it’s not about me counsellor.

Terry, a thrice-divorced London taxi driver is on hand to offer wisdom too. Sarah is perhaps the relationship Allen Key couples need, whereas Terry knew a bloke called Alan Key. He died in a bath.

He offers therapeutic bunk ups too.

This show is a good laugh. Available on the Audiobook App via Amazon.

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