Autobiographical: Stress Awareness Week, I prescribe exercise

This week is Stress Awareness Week on social media. If you haven’t experienced stress, are you even alive? Stress can act as a motivator, but too much stress impedes performance and can cause physical symptoms.

Metaphorically speaking, your stress levels are a bucket filling with water. At some point that bucket is going to overflow, so you need to empty your bucket from whatever is stressing you out. You with me?

Exercise can help reduce stress

Exercise is a proven form of stress relief. I went to my GP with stress last year, and was prescribed the book “Spark” by Dr. John J Ratey and Eric Hagerman I’m not an affiliate marketer. This book explains how physical exercise can cure the mind of many ills, such as stress and insomnia- often co-existing.

If you suffer with stress, give exercise a try, or one of those walks in the park the government keeps banging on about. Or you could walk the length of the Debenhams sale queue in my hometown yesterday. It would take you a while.

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