Copywriter: How to have fun writing a character reference

What a man

You could be asked to write a character reference for a friend for their employer, landlord, the police, or

Given that a character reference can make or break your friend’s application, let me offer my advice.

Highlight their travel experience to demonstrate their broad mindedness

He is a cultured man who is a prolific traveler. He enjoys regular trips to European cities such as Amsterdam and Prague where he is a patron of local trades. He has ambitions to travel to Asia because he finds Asian women attractive and would like to teach them how to speak English.

Demonstrate that they are in touch with global events

He has a keen interest in politics and enjoys frequenting bars where he can educate his friends on the virtues of his beliefs. He believes the US should be more like the Canadian government with their progressive gun control, and seal clubbing, for example.

Mention their hobbies, such as gardening, sport, and any responsibilities they have

He is a keen gardener with a great sense of humour. He especially enjoys lighting a bonfire in his garden when his neighbours are hanging out their laundry in their futile efforts to minimize global warming.

He captains the Tamworth Arms’ Tarts Darts Team and selflessly manages the kitty too, all while valiantly refusing to undergo gender reassignment or dress as a woman, because that is his right. He is the team’s second-highest scorer to Geoff, the landlady.

Highlight their good qualities

There’s nothing he likes more than blood sports, fox hunting, bare knuckle fighting and the annual Gloucestershire hill cheese rolling festival. He doesn’t actually participate in any of these sports, because his strengths lie in observation, and offering words of advice on areas for improvement.

As a member of our team, he was the single-most generous contributor to our three nominated corporate charities, owing to his contributions to the office swear box.

Highlight any fun anecdotes

He once went on a date with a former glamour model and she invited him to her property to sample coffee beans from a Fairtrade Kenyan plantation. While they didn’t pursue their relationship, he did discover he prefers tea bags to Fairtrade.

Don’t forget to mention any charity work they do

He once bought a copy of The Big Issue, but he doesn’t like to talk about it, much.

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