Copywriter: Blog like an SEO pro

An analogue form of SEO

Your title will be the H1 on the page, so include a keyword, preferably at the start.

E.g. SEO blog tips every writer needs

Then consider the tone of voice of where the blog will appear, and make it sound interesting.

Blog like an SEO pro

Seasonal vegetables that fly off the plate

Pet care for superdogs

Weight your content to the start

People often won’t read it all.

Get your facts straight and source from reliable, trustworthy sources. E.g. those with domain authority i.e. doing well in the Search Engine Results Page SERP, or the horse’s mouth.

Don’t use idioms like ‘the horses mouth’ that can be confusing.

Use subheadings

  • People scan read on computers
  • Break up long body copy with subheadings are H2, H3, H4, etc, so include relevant keywords within the subheadings.


A meta-tag is a short precis of the blog that will appear in the Search Engine Results Page SERP. Make it good.

E.g. Discover the essential SEO skills you need to write an effective blog post here


Discover SEO secrets of master bloggers in this five-minute read

Timing is everything 

The deadline is your friend and motivation.

  • If it’s a newsworthy press release, include the embargoed until date and time, and release up to a week in advance to the press.
  • Schedule blog posts for the same or similar times each day if producing regular content.
  • Consider the popular times of users on the social platforms you share on.

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2 thoughts on “Copywriter: Blog like an SEO pro”

  1. I agree, although from what I’ve experienced, the basics remain unchanged. Thank you for commenting.


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