Book review: Off the Record, Jonathan Pie and Andrew Doyle

Off the Record, by Tom Walker and Andrew Doyle

Tom Walker and Andrew Doyle, wrote this book off the back of success with the Jonathan Pie character. He’s the journalist you see reporting from location on a story to the news desk back in the studio, but his schtick is his “off-camera” rants that are more illuminating than the news, and funny because they’re illicit, while most newsreaders have to play by the 1984-esqe-editorial-guideline-rulebook. And, you know, he has some balls.

There are dozens of Jonathan Pie videos on social media, check them out, the most successful of all was his 4-million-views-and-counting lambasting of Hilary Clinton supporters after Trump was elected. He isn’t a Trump fan, he referrs to him as “toddler-in-Chief” owing to his emotional outbursts on Twitter, where Pie also draws a large crowd.

Social media viral sensation

In self-effacing style he recommends you go and read a proper book as this one is only good for reading on the bog. Yes there are knob and turd jokes, and that’s just the politicians, but between the jokes there’s an education like a stealth fart in the background of the Labour Party, the hereditary ruling laws in North Korea and why Donald Trump is after your pussy.

Pie and Doyle do not hold back with their visceral denouements of the policies of Iraq War poster boy and Catholic in disguise, Tony Blair, milk snatchy iron fisted Margaret Thatcher, and Hitler, who was a bit of a shit by all accounts. President Trump tops the bill ofcourse, Top Trumps of a Pontoon game of cards, the American Presidents always steal our thunder, don’t they.

Giving it both barrels

An old school leftie, Pie is a dream come true if you like straight-talking news analysis with a few swear words and Viz jokes sprinkled liberally to highlight salient points. If you buy the audio book, Tom Walker does his best ‘now I’m speaking in a newsreader voice’ à la Alan Partridge, or half the people on terrestrial news, which is why it’s great when he changes gear and says it as it is. From a lefties perspective which is the only perspective you need to care about if you have a social conscience. If you don’t, then you should read this book then gift it to someone more intelligent than you, or shove it up your arse, is what I think he would say.

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