Autobiographical: The Subtle Art of Giving to Charity

How to decide on the causes to donate to

After reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, by Mark Manson, I’m choosing what causes to give a fuck about.

Charitable giving

I know people aren’t supposed to talk about their charity work, it can come across as crass. Hear me out. I donate to a few charities with direct debit payments, but this feels passive and it is beginning to get out of hand, as I keep signing up to more of them.

Not only that, more correspondence come in the post and email and it’s difficult to ignore. I know a pensioner took her own life in the UK in recent years, because her charitable direct debits got out of hand. There are many vulnerable people in society. I have limited bandwidth or money to support and engage as fully as I would like with all good causes.

So, how do you decide who to give to and how?

Voluntary work is one way to give to a good cause, and that is fine if you have enough income and time- many don’t. My way of solving this puzzle for myself, I believe it’s time for me to focus on causes close to my heart, afterall, giving is from a place of love.

My charity donations focus on- 

-children and young people

-poverty alleviation 


-animal welfare

Animal welfare

I support animal rights and welfare with the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the cosmetics I buy, it’s a way of life. In fact, a direct debit would be less effective if it was merely paying lip service.


I support the environment by picking up litter when I see it, driving only when absolutely necessary, recycling, noticing and being mindful of packaging, shopping locally, avoiding food waste and waste of other things, such as clothes and shoes.

Young people

With children and young people, I used to be a tutor for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and these days I like spending time with my nephews and hearing about their life and how they’re developing. I donate to charities that alleviate suffering.

Actions speak louder than words

In fact, Direct Debits are all well and good, but practical action wherever possible is an alternative, and living your personal values. There are people with much more money than you or me. I try and give in deed and action, and for the right reasons. I’d love to give the kind of money those wealthy philanthropists do, but there’s more than one way to give.

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