Book review: The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, Audiobook

The Secret

This is a seminal text with 30 million readers worldwide and translated into 50 languages. claiming to have the secret to change your life, for the better of course.  

What is the secret?

Well, it wasn’t the first chapter, a turn off for me because there is a huge emphasis on money. The secret being that if your predominant thoughts are of monetary wealth, then monetary wealth is what you will ‘manifest.’

Asking the universe to cash your future cheques feels a bit iffy to me.

One ‘secret’ is that if you worry and stress about bad things, then bad things happen. It’s called The Law of Attraction. Whereas if you think of good things, you will attract good things.

It sounds so simple, in theory, but anyone who is British will tell you that we don’t really do positive thinking. 

Nothing to fear but fear itself

If fearful thoughts of loss become dominant thoughts, you will lose whatever it is you fear losing. ‘The law’ , as they call it, ‘responds to your thoughts no matter what they may be.’

It’s a little bit like in Ghostbusters, the 1980s version, when Ray accidentally thinks of The Marshmallow Man as the destructive form of Gozer. If you try not to think of something, it pops into your head! So think of what you do want instead. One method is with vision boards, which aren’t just for children.


To bring what you want into your life, like if you fancy someone for example, like attracts like, and you should think of yourself as a magnet. 

The Law of attraction is a law of nature, so it gives you whatever you were thinking about.

This salient point is repeated throughout the book. 

The most salient point

Gratitude. Start a list of things you are grateful for, the things you feel good about. This is the way to bring more into your life. Appreciate the good. Appreciate the mundane and you begin to realise the abundance you live in. This is so true and something I practice myself. 

Let’s pretend

Decide what you want, decide you deserve it, put that into your thoughts and ask the universe.

Sadly, the examples they usually give in this book is money. Now, isn’t money the source of all evil? 

Although the author does give the example of super-rich philanthropists who give more money, and therefore receive more. Rhonda Byrne says when giving to charity, don’t sacrifice – give from a full heart and a place of plenty.

Self respect

Good advice in the book is to always treat yourself with love and respect. Treat yourself well. You deserve to be treated with love and respect. Everyone does. A healthy respect for yourself is not conceited. 

Chapter 7 claims positive thinking can heal bad health. The theory is that love and gratitude dissolves all negativity in our life, and any disease. 

For example, you could praise and bless your enemies, to dissolve all negativity and dischord with the feedback of good feelings and bless the things you are grateful for. 

Use ‘I am’ e.g. I am happy. I am in receipt of everything I want and need. These are  affirmations . I am whole, perfect, powerful and happy. I really am. 

Well, you know, I’m British so, I’m ‘alright.’

Be present

There are some great truisms for life towards the end of the book. Take a moment to feel your ‘life presence’ inside you. This gave me a feeling of pure joy. Try it! That presence is the real you. 

Seek out joy

This might sound daft but I rarely seek out joy! Rhonda says; What do you enjoy? Do the things you love and what brings you joy. Once you find and commit yourself to them, more joy will come into your life. Do what you love and you will attract joyful things. Whatever you choose is right. 

It’s a characteristically upbeat way of ending The Secret, but it’s the strongest message for me. I waste so much time doing unnecessary things I don’t enjoy. I’m going to seek more joy in my life. 

Have a nice day.

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