Recipe: Rice with grapes, greens and chick peas (peace) (man) (no ham)

Here’s a relatively quick dish to prepare that is light and fluffy in taste but nutritious at the same time. Right, let’s get started.

Ingredients: Brown rice, vegetable stock cube, olive oil, pepper, tender stem broccoli or greens of your choice, black seedless grapes, chick peas, lemon.

Quarter your grapes and finely chop your greens, I’m using tender stem broccoli
Simmer your brown rice with a vegetable stock cube. Bring your chick peas to the boil then simmer

I’m using brown rice and that takes about 20 minutes to cook properly. When there is about 5 minutes to go, steam your greens. If you have a steamer cool! I have pans so here’s what I did:

Using a sieve in a pan of hot water to steam my broccoli
Pop a lid on

The idea of the other ingredients is to make a light accompaniment to the rice, especially because brown rice can be quite heavy, so we want to keep the flavours light and fresh.

Stir the broccoli, grapes and chickpeas together. Add the juice of a lemon, a dollop of olive oil, ground pepper, and stir.
You can mix the rice and vegetables together once you tuck in. Here’s one of my rice sandcastles!
With a glass of water or tonic with a slice of lime of lemon, this is a light and fruity dish

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