Recipe: Tender stem broccoli for 99p? Go on then!

Finding interesting things to do with vegetables isn’t too hard, if you have the time and the will to try. Today I picked up some tender stem broccoli on the reduced aisle so hopefully I’ll do my bit for reducing food waste, something we could all bear in mind.

Ingredients: tender stem broccoli, button mushrooms, brown rice, half an onion, vegetable stock cube, slice of lemon, fresh parsley.

Start by frying your onion in a large pan, while boiling your (brown) rice in a vegetable stock cube.

Chopped mushrooms and broccoli
Fried onion and simmering rice

Next, add your button mushrooms and broccoli to your frying pan. After a few minutes, transfer some of the stock cube water from your rice pan, to your vegetable pan. Let that create a little moisture in your vegetable pan, the stock water will probably sizzle a little bit- very exciting! Smells good.

Lightly frying mushroom, tender stem broccoli and onion
A squeeze of lemon and a handful of freshly chopped parsley does the job nicely

Nearly there! All that’s left to do is dish up. I like the sandcastle effect when you fill a cup with rice and build – that’s right- a sandcastle on your plate- it looks pretty hey?

Tender stem broccoli and mushrooms with rice in under 30 minutes
Looks good enough to eat, enjoy!

Tell me about your vegetarian and vegan recipes, I love learning new recipes! And follow me if you enjoy food and hate waste.

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