Recipe: 45p button mushrooms BB today? Let’s go to button mushroom moon

Do you remember Button Moon? It was a bit like The Clangers, but better because of the theme tune. Anyway….

I have a commitment to avoid food waste, as part of this week’s #FoodWasteActionWeek and in general. Food waste from households is estimated at £19bn per annum by Defra, 2019. Basically, people buy more food than they eat.

Do you ever shop hungry? On the way home from work, for example. Or lack time to prepare meals? I do!

What causes you to throw food away that you’ve bought, and how would you change that? Personally I need to remember to cook with the food I have in and not be tempted when out and about at the supermarket.

Button Moon Mushroom Rice

Boil yourself adequate rice with a vegetable stock cube for flavour.

In a frying pan, add olive oil, and fry some crushed garlic for 30seconds. Then add your washed button mushrooms and some frozen peas/mix veg.

Frying button mushrooms and frozen peas, plus a pan of rice with vegetable stock

Add a few dashes of soy sauce, or any sauce you like, to the vegetables then mix your fried vegetables and the boiled rice in a pan.

Serve by filling a cup with the mixture, to make a sandcastle. Then garnish with slices of lime and a dash of your sauce of choice. I’m traditional and love Soy Sauce.

Button moon reduced price mushroom rice is better because it’s good for your conscience
Button moon mushrooms taste great when you don’t waste anything

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