Autobiographical: During Food Waste Action Week, my mind is on Yemen

This week until 7March is #FoodWasteActionWeek, a campaign to reduce food waste by asking us all not to throw away edible food. 

The campaign is part of the Love Food Hate Waste brand and fronted by Great British Bake Off former champion-y Nadiya Hussain, a woman who knows her way around a kitchen. 

In the UK, we produce £14 bn of food waste from households per annum according to figures from Defra 2019. What a shame we are so wasteful. 

Environment minister, Rebecca Pow, rightly points out the impact on climate change and the environmental impact of wasting food that has used carbon and water in production. With the UK signed up to reduce carbon emissions by 2030, this is important.

Personally, I can’t help but think about Yemen and Syria, the refugees that are going hungry, and the lack of food in East African nations. How can we, in clear conscience, throw away food? 

Or, not buy food close to the sell by date in a shop, because (insert reason) that will inevitably  go to waste?

The UK has just cut aid to Yemen, The Guardian goes into more detail. Essentially refugees are facing famine. 

This week, for Food Waste Action Week, I pledge to buy reduced price food, use up what food I have in and I’m donating to UNICEF Refugee fund, a registered charity working in Yemen to bring relief to refugees. I’ll be mindfully eating too, or you may choose to say Grace.

If I didn’t, I don’t think I’d have any appetite, and that would be a waste. 

Food Waste Action Week is a time to mind what you throw away

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