Autobiographical: Reduced food aisle stereotypes are corny

Stereotypes about the discount food aisle are corny and outdated. The reduced food aisle isn’t tragic; but it is when no one touches it.

The fact is more than 10 million tonnes of food and drink are wasted every year, equating to £500 a year for the average UK household Defra, Sky News, 2019

260,000 tonnes comes from retailers and household food waste is estimated at £15bn per annum.

I want to make the reduced food aisle cool. You have 24-hours to do something interesting with a sack of spuds! What are ya gonna do? What would Jack Bauer do? 

Never mind that, what would Ainsley Harriot do? 

Or Jamie Oliver? 

Or Gordon Ramsey? 

Or, you know, your mum?

Join me on Twitter with the hashtag #reducefoodwaste and tell me what you do with discounted food. Spread the word on other social media too!



I’m just a woman with a conscience. If you have more social clout than me (likely) I’d be grateful for any shares or shout outs!

I’m @LucyBower81 on Twitter

#FoodWasteActionWeek is coincidentally this week, so there has never been a better time to think about your food waste!

I will be following @benwelliot to keep up with the latest.

Food Waste Action Week

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