Recipe: 24 hours to do something moderately interesting with a bag of spuds

I set myself the challenge today of doing something interesting with a bag of reduced price new potatoes, in my efforts to reduce food waste by buying food from the reduced aisle only.

The reduced price aisle has a rep as the place you go if you’re skint, but consider all the food that goes to waste for a moment, just because it’s on the brink of going off.

I see that as a challenge myself, you’ve only got 24 hours to do something moderately interesting with spuds. What would Jack Bauer do?

Bubble n Squeak?

If you have any heritage in the North of England you might’ve sampled the delicacy of Bubble n Squeak, sometimes known as Rumble de Thumps. It’s refried vegetables or leftovers. I’m going to make a mash up version of that!

Boil your chopped potatoes and some carrots. Fry half an onion in olive oil/ olive oil spread
Partially mash your potatoes. Keep ‘em chunky. Stir in the onion and season with salt n pepper along with olive oil to taste
Present your mash up nicely with the help of a bowl. Size depends on your appetite
Doesn’t that look lovely. You can add meat here if you’re a meat eater, but there’s plenty here for a light meal
A slice of two of lime adds a lightness to the buttery, earthy flavour of the spuds
24 hours to do something with a 25p bag of new potatoes? Go on then.

Breaking news Update: Mr Potatoe Head, my childhood companion, is going gender neutral in a bid to update the 70year old iconic toy.

But does he belong in the kitchen?

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