Recipe: Use your swede; it cost 50p

I am on a quest to only eat reduced price food approaching the sell-by date, for the purpose of avoiding food waste.

Having worked in marketing for a decade, I’m used to meeting deadlines. With a best before approaching, pressure mounts to use that food, not waste it. Who doesn’t hate throwing food away?

Today I had a few leftover carrots and a swede, that cost 50p.

Peel the carrots and swede and chop into chunks. Pat boil the vegetables for 10 minutes then add to a roasting tray with garlic bulbs, olive oil and herbs of seasoning you like. I went for salt and pepper today.


Roast your vegetables for 25 minutes on 180C fan oven. Meanwhile, prepare some rice. One cup rice to three cups of water, plus a stick cube if you have one.

Quarter some grapes or fruit of your choice and mix that with your rice. Nuts are an optional extra, but root veg is pretty filling so I opted out of nuts today.

Here is one I prepared earlier!

Roasted swede and carrot with grape rice
Roasted carrot, swede and garlic with fresh grape fruity rice. Seasoned with salt and pepper and olive oil.

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